Nolato Pharma Packaging boasts extensive experience of developing and manufacturing primary plastic pharmaceutical packaging. Our unrivalled offering includes a wide range of standard products from our leading Cerbo and Jaycare brands, as well as tailor-made packaging to meet a specific customer’s requirements.

The Long-Term Polymer Partner

Our aim is to help ensure that vital pharmaceuticals and life-enhancing vitamin and mineral supplements (VMS) are packaged in a safe but user-friendly manner. 

Nolato can resolve even the most complex packaging problems, including design, production and logistics. Simply think of us as an extension of your development team.

We value our committed partnerships with our customers, working closely together to develop the perfect packaging for the world’s most important products. Packaging that is user-friendly, cost-effective, sustainable and of course completely safe.

As a supplier to many leading pharmaceutical and VMS companies, our offerings include not only packaging for prescription medicines, over-the-counter products and VMS, but also other forms of plastic packaging for items such as ophthalmic products and cosmetics.

Specialists in design and production

It doesn’t matter whether the product to be packaged is in solid, liquid or powder form. We can offer – or develop –solutions for all types of pharmaceuticals and applications. Our customer offering covers the entire value chain. From development to volume production and even further.

Our production resources cover all the techniques required for manufacturing plastic packaging for pharmaceuticals and VMS in a cost-efficient manner and with the right quality. Production takes place in a controlled environment (hygiene and clean rooms up to class 7), and we were among the first in Europe to be certified in accordance with iso15378 and ps9000.

We currently have three modern, high-tech production units– one in Sweden and two in the UK – ensuring that we can carry out development and manufacturing at the best location from the customer’s perspective, in both technical and practical terms, with a high degree of product safety.