Game-changing UltimusPlus dispenser from Nordson EFD takes process control to a new level

Touchscreen interface, barcode scanner, dispense log, and sleep mode combined with full operator lockout and Ethernet connection improve productivity for manufacturers.

Nordson EFD, a Nordson company, the world’s leading precision fluid dispensing systems manufacturer, introduces UltimusPlus™ — an industry-leading pneumatic fluid dispenser with time-saving features that amplify production throughput while delivering highly precise, repeatable dispensing results in life sciences, electronics, consumer goods, and automotive applications.

This new dispenser builds on the reliability of existing Nordson EFD fluid dispensers with an intuitive, high-resolution touchscreen that makes it very easy to quickly navigate and set up the dispenser. Full operator lockout of time, pressure, and vacuum settings eliminates inconsistencies caused by operator-to-operator variability, creating far less rework and rejects.

An optional barcode scanner speeds production by allowing users to switch between up to 16 dispensing programs without ever touching the screen. This functionality can also be used to compensate for the full-to-empty effect in syringe barrels.

“UltimusPlus is the most advanced, user-friendly fluid dispenser on the market,” said Vladimir Konopelko, global product line manager for dispensers at Nordson EFD. “We designed it to address the unique challenges of our customers who use dispensers to apply a wide range of assembly fluids in both manual and automated production processes.”

The dispenser features electronic pressure regulation for applying low- to high-viscosity fluids, such as solvents, primers, hydrophobic coatings, glues, oils, greases, epoxies, silicones, sealants, UV-cure adhesives, and dispensing pastes such as SolderPlus® solder paste, with highly accurate shot-to-shot repeatability.

Ethernet compatibility simplifies UltimusPlus’ integration with Smart Factory, Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things, and Machine-to-Machine technology. It allows the dispense cycle to be initiated by a centralized PLC as part of large, in-line operations.

“With IoT, Factory 4.0, and advancements in customers’ expectations of equipment iterability, our goal was not only to design an easy-to-use dispenser,” Konopelko said. “But also simplify integration with automation to make it the most advanced fluid dispenser on the market.”

UltimusPlus’ digital dispense log automatically records dispense parameters and the date, day, and time of each dispense cycle, plus barcode numbers, for documented process control to meet FDA and other medical device regulatory requirements.

Its unique sleep mode functionality reduces power consumption and compressor usage to lower the carbon footprint and operating costs of factories around the world.

“When designing the dispenser, we were really looking to solve customer pain points with one solution,” Konopelko said. “The result is a very accurate dispenser with best-in-class performance that is intuitive for first-time users and advanced for high-end applications.”

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