How dispensing components work together to reduce costs

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When you’re dispensing glue and other assembly fluids, you may not think of disposable components as the most cost-reducing aspect of your process.

However, when you use higher quality dispensing components designed to work together to deliver the most accurate, repeatable fluid deposits with the least amount of fluid waste, you can consistently achieve cost savings greater than the cost of the components.

Here’s how Nordson EFD Optimum® syringe barrel systems reduce manufacturing costs by improving yields while minimizing fluid waste.

Industrial Syringe Barrels

EFD syringe barrels are different because of the way they’re designed to provide faster, more accurate deposits and virtually no fluid waste. Our engineering experts designed the barrels using Computational Fluid Dynamics to achieve a smooth, unimpeded laminar flow without fluid turbulence or dead zones that could trap air. Plus, we incorporated a tapered internal luer into the barrel that minimizes fluid shear during dispensing and filling.

Optimum syringe barrels come in 3cc (3 ml), 5cc (5 ml), 10cc (10 ml), 30cc (30 ml), or 55cc (55 ml) sizes and are molded from a proprietary blend of polypropylene for exceptional chemical compatibility.


Optimum SmoothFlow™ pistons are designed to fit the internal diameters of our syringe barrels perfectly – preventing blow-by for consistent clean wiping, or in some cases, allowing air to escape to prevent bubbles. Choose from a wide variety of piston types to meet the requirements of nearly any kind of fluid application.

Precision-molded channels reduce air entrapment as the piston travels down the barrel. Double-wiping edges that drag along the walls of the Zero Taper barrels provide consistent full-to-empty dispensing, leaving virtually no fluid left behind.

Dispense Tips

Optimum dispensing tips feature threaded SafetyLok™ tip hubs designed to fit securely into our syringe barrels for safe attachment. Optimum syringe tips meet the most stringent tolerance and quality standards to guarantee they contain no flash and burrs that can impede deposit accuracy and repeatability or contaminate your fluid.

Color-coding makes it easy to identify tip sizes, and packaging comes labeled with lot numbers for better traceability and process control.

Syringe Adapters & Caps

Lightweight syringe barrel adapters are designed for fast attachment of your syringe barrel to air output connections of dispensing equipment. The adapter assembly features slots that lock securely into matching tabs.

Precision-molded end caps use a convenient push button to create a snug, airtight seal that prevents fluid from leaking when filling or storing your assembly materials between shifts.

Precision-molded tip caps feature a vent that prevents air from being introduced into fluid during installation. A large gripping surface makes the tip caps easy to secure into place.

The Optimum System

All dispensing components in the Optimum system are certified for industrial use. They are designed and quality tested to meet industrial use standards for high pressure dispensing.

Nordson EFD also certifies that no silicone mold-release agents, which can cause fluid contamination, are used in the precision molding process or at any other time during the production of our dispensing components.

Our disposable Optimum and 2K components are produced in the USA at our Rhode Island, Connecticut, and New Jersey facilities, which are certified silicone-free by independent testing laboratories.

The quickest way to order our dispensing components is by requesting a quote.

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