Animal Health Disposable Dosing Syringes

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Nordson EFD offers best-in-class Dial-A-Dose® and Posi-Dose® one-component (1K) disposable dosing syringes used for primary packaging and drug delivery of creams, gels, and pastes in the animal health industry.

Its comprehensive selection of animal health dosing syringes is designed for animals of any size.

EFD Dial-A-Dose syringes offer an innovative, customizable solution to tailor doses based on animal size, treatment schedule, and other requirements. An integrated ring allows users to “dial in” and administer the same prescribed amount of material, every time.

EFD Posi-Dose syringes feature a unique twist-lock ring that snaps into position to set a specific dosing volume. Its nozzle-free design ensures the animal receives the exact amount required for both single and multi-dose applications.

Each disposable dosing syringe ensures controlled dispensing and precision placement of creams, gels, and pastes used to treat cows, horses, and companion animals. Each is also molded from FDA-approved resins to safely package veterinary pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, and other animal health products.

Features and Benefits

  • Integrated rings allow end users to dose animals with custom amounts of medication, supplements, and topical materials
  • Snap-locking, double-seal tip caps save the material for the next dose
  • A variety of sizes (3cc to 100cc) and integrated molded nozzle types for intramammary, rectal, topical, and oral dosing
  • Faster, easier repeat dosing than other syringes
  • Samples available upon request

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