BaitGun systems for efficient insecticide application

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As a leading supplier in the pest control industry, Nordson EFD offers durable, reliable bait dispense gun systems for fast, efficient paste and gel bait insecticide applications. Our BaitGun® 30 features a 10:1 trigger leverage ratio making it easy to dispense a precise amount of material. After you release the trigger, there is no dripping or drooling. This reduces the amount of waste and saves money on expensive baits.

This rugged insecticide applicator can be used with most major prepackaged cockroach and ant bait worldwide. We also offer a wider range of bait dispense guns that can accommodate 32cc, 34cc, 36cc, 60cc, and 100cc syringes. Our 32cc, 34cc, and 36cc range guns are available in black and blue, offering a solution to quickly distinguish one from the other when working with multiple bait gels and pastes.

Our BaitGun 32 / 60 features a front and rear slot so multiple syringe sizes can be used with a single gun, including 32cc, 34cc, 36cc, and 60cc syringes. For high-volume applications, our BaitGun 60 and BaitGun 100 get the job done.

Nordson EFD's BaitGun systems

BaitGun 30 - Rugged dispense gun for applying thick paste and gel baits with 30cc reservoirs.
BaitGun 32 - Black or Blue Dispense gun designed for applications with 32cc, 34cc, and 36cc syringes.
BaitGun 32 / 60 - Dispense gun designed for applications with 32cc, 34cc, 36cc, and 60cc syringes. Load the rear slot with 32cc, 34cc, and 36cc syringes and the front slot with 60cc syringes for more application volumes with a single gun.
BaitGun 60 - Dispense gun designed for applications with 60cc syringes.
BaitGun 100 - Dispense gun designed for applications with 100cc syringes.

BaitGun 30 Accessories

In the pest control industry, days out in the field can be long, which is why Nordson EFD offers a wide variety of accessories compatible with the BaitGun 30 to make the job easier. All our accessories are designed to help you make the most of your insecticide applicator.

Our BaitGun carrying case is perfect for carrying all your gear in one place. This sturdy hard case has a molded area for the BaitGun 30, five spots for additional reservoirs, and space for extra tips. For a hands-free option, we recommend our BaitBelt™ that’s made of durable Cordura™* nylon and holds the BaitGun 30, BaitGun holster, and 10 extra reservoirs. Our BaitGun holster features a slim, streamlined design to hold your dispense gun without getting in your way.

Our Illuminator™ flashlight attachment is the perfect tool when you need a bright light in dark spaces. It easily clamps into place on top of the BaitGun 30 and adjusts for a spot or flood beam.

*Cordura is a trademark of DuPont.

See full specifications for BaitGun systems here.

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