Nordsons EFD's disposable bait reservoirs are highest-quality in industry

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Nordon EFD’s disposable bait reservoirs are the highest-quality barrels in the industry as they have been carefully designed to produce the most accurate, repeatable bait deposits every time.

Available in sizes 3cc, 5cc, 10cc, 30cc, and 55cc, the pistons can also be used with the reservoirs to further improve fluid control by keeping fluids from dripping and eliminating waste by wiping the reservoir wall clean.

Its bait syringes with molded nozzles are also ideal for bait applications, and each is molded from U.S. FDA-approved resins to safely package material. They’re also manufactured to strict tolerance and quality control standards to deliver the most accurate, repeatable filling and dispensing possible.

Dial-A-Dose®plungers are available for measured doses of paste and gel bait. Integrated rings allow pest control professionals to dial in the exact amount required for the job at hand. Plus, the company's standard one- and two-piece plungers are perfect for applications where measured doses aren’t required.

Optimum® reservoir barrels

Disposable Optimum reservoir barrels are molded from a proprietary blend of polypropylene, to provide exceptional clarity and chemical compatibility, and the end caps available for Optimum reservoir barrels feature a convenient push-button to produce a snug, airtight seal.

EFD's white SmoothFlow™ pistons wipe reservoir barrels clean, eliminating fluid waste when dispensing. Other options are available based on application method and bait viscosity.

See full specifications and products for disposable bait reservoirs here.

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