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    Scandinavian Packaging's multiple ISO certifications

    • Novio Packaging
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    Scandinavian Packaging recently announced that it has achieved the accredited ISO14001 certification for environmental management. This certification is in line with the company's strategy of corporate responsibility, efficient production, and innovation in all processes.

    "The quest to lower our carbon foot print, reduce our energy consumption, and test our products in environmentally friendly materials is extremely important, and will contribute positively to Scandinavian Packaging's future," says the company's CEO Bjarke Arlø.

    This very summer Scandinavian Packaging will also be certified according to ISO22000 (packaging for food) and thereby be one of the few packaging producers to have all three processes:

    • Injection moulding
    • Blow moulding
    • Stretch blow moulding

    This means that the company will hold three ISO certifications at the same time (ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO22000), a very unique combination within the food industry and a great testament to the company's dedication to meeting high standards.

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