Maximize fragrance sales with Olan de Mexico's high-output fragrance pumps

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As a leading packaging provider within the fragrance industry for the last 50 years, Olan de Mexico’s outstanding SOREN LP MAX and SOREN 1 pump sprayers distinguish the company even further from market competition. Both pumps transcend the average sprayer performance, boasting an output of 130mcl and 180mcl respectively and dwarfing the market norm of between 80 and 110mcl.

With just one sweeping gesture, consumers can enjoy a fine mist and even covering of fragrance, reflecting the impressive power and precision of the packaging supplier’s state-of-the-art technology. The premium finish of the crimp pump and pure aluminum ferrule promises to catch the eye of potential buyers, maximizing sales and boosting Olan de Mexico’s reputation for high quality fragrance products.

Brands are treated to a wealth of customization options, as Olan de Mexico offers silver, gold, and anodized colors on request. Clients are able to match the aluminum shell with plastic actuator, guaranteeing that desired flawless finish. For consumers searching for a more delicate solution, the 15mm option is perfect, whilst for others, the 18mm or 20mm pump size may prove a more appropriate fit.

See the full specifications of both pump sprayers in Olan's de Mexico's product catalog.


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