Olan presents decorative collars for statement sprays

  • Olan de Mexico

The collar offers an ideal space for brands to make a statement on their sprayer. But should it be smooth or ribbed? Metal or plastic? Decorated or plain?

Olan helps brands stand out by offering plastic collars which can be decorated with hot stamping. The Mexican company uses a special high-quality film which facilitates unlimited design options.

For brands that want a more stylized product image, aluminum collars provide an ideal solution. Olan offers high-purity aluminum collars in 20/410 and 24/410 which are the ideal accessory to highlight sustainable corporate values, or to benefit from the chic, natural elegance which metal affords a product.

The complete manufacture and decoration of Olan's atomizer products is done in-house at the company's development workshop to ensure that all products meet the individual requirements of the customer.

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