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Easyfairs consolidates Empack packaging brand and launches new Logistics & Automation event

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European network of events will deliver agenda-setting content, fresh connections and an exciting experience for packaging and intralogistics communities in nine countries

Easyfairs, the multi-format event organiser and venue manager, is consolidating its packaging events under the Empack brand. In parallel with this development, Easyfairs is also launching a new co-located event, Logistics & Automation, to build on the growing integration between packaging and intralogistics processes. Together, these events will offer national and European packaging and logistics communities an enhanced vision of the technology and innovations that will shape the future of their businesses.


By integrating all packaging-related events across Continental Europe, co-located with the new Logistics & Automation event, Easyfairs will leverage the network at a higher level with various cross-border initiatives. For example, it will be able to draw on international speakers and thought leaders. This will provide scope to present content that cannot be found online and elsewhere to packaging communities.

“With Empack, Easyfairs brings the latest developments in packaging technologies to the heart of the market on a regular event cycle. This gives visitors the convenience of an event in their country or region, where they are able to learn from multinational exhibitors and speakers,” commented Paul MacDonald, Global Brand Director, Empack.

Easyfairs UK will continue to organise Packaging Innovations, which is focused on packaging design and materials.

Logistics & Automation

Logistics & Automation replaces the former Logistics & Distribution brand to present an event entirely focused on intralogistics, with the objective of making intralogistics smarter, faster and more efficient.

“The new event will reflect the automation of various physical and management processes, driven by a variety of developments,” said Arnaud Istas, Group Head of Product Development, Easyfairs.

These developments include:

• Product customisation and shorter product lifecycles, which are causing an explosion of stock keeping unit (SKU) numbers and diversity, together with renewed production patterns, giving logistics service providers the opportunity to provide value-added services;
• The scarcity of skilled workers and the need for speed and reliability, which is driving even greater and more deeply embedded automation and robotics in logistic operations;
• The advance of machine learning and AI, which makes automated systems more intelligent than ever, capable of handling situations of increased complexity, often faster and with fewer errors, thereby improving the cost-efficiency of logistic operations, a key competitive advantage; and
• Changes in consumption patterns, pushing traditional “remote” warehouses to redesign their storage, handling and fulfilment operations and to consider relocation. This presents great opportunities for logistics real estate developers and intralogistics architecture.

“Logistics & Automation will reflect these developments. The events will serve as a unique meeting place gathering both end users, system engineers/integrators and ICT professionals,” said Istas. Empack and Logistics & Automation events will take place annually or biennially in Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the UK. The new features will be rolled out to the market over the coming two editions of each event by the local teams.

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