Packmax introduces a moulding texture design technique offering the appearance of carving

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Packmax was established as Ningbo Jinzhou in 1998. For years, the company has been working with numerous brands to provide its professional packaging service. Packmax's recent release of a new acrylic packaging bottle and jar collection adopts a mould texturing technique to create the appearance of carving that elevates the entire design. It is indeed a better solution for skin care products.

Clear and translucent quality of PMMA material makes these containers crystal, accompanied by diamond carvings with cross diagonal lines texturing-molded on the surface. The result is a premium packaging design that fits in various beauty and cosmetic product campaign.

Packmax also offers complete packaging solution and different decoration options to make sure each packaging component is unique.

Packaging Specification of Acrylic Bottles 15/30/50ml

  • Acrylic Bottle 15ml Ref. 1159
  • Capacity: 15ml
  • Measurement: Dia.36.2mm / H.117mm
  • Acrylic Bottle 30ml Ref. 1160
  • Capacity: 30ml
  • Measurement: Dia.36.2mm / H.140.9mm
  • Acrylic Bottle 50ml Ref. 1161
  • Capacity: 50ml
  • Measurement: Dia.36.2mm / H.165.2mm

Packaging Specification of Acrylic Jars 30/50g

  • Acrylic Jar 30g Ref. 1157
  • Capacity: 30g
  • Measurement: Dia.59.4mm / H.42mm
  • Acrylic Jar 50g Ref. 1158
  • Capacity: 50g
  • Measurement: Dia.70.8mm / H.49.5mm

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