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Creativity and custom design on display at Phoenix Packaging 3D LIVE Booth

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Phoenix Packaging helps brands think outside of the catalog. Their stunning custom bottle designs are meant to be seen live. Their booth at Webpackaging LIVE is the best way to experience their products in full 3D.

Webpackaging LIVE is the first “always open” exhibition in the packaging industry. Brands from all over the world enjoy a personal view of the gorgeous bottles from the Phoenix Packaging team at any time in astounding detail.

Nine of Phoenix’s coolest spirits bottles are on display at their booth. Explore the booth and get an up close look at the line up of carefully crafted designs.

Visitors can click on each 3D model to bring it to the center of the screen. Then they have the option to rotate the bottle, zoom in and out, and see how the bottle would look from every angle in real life.

The Gold Bar Whiskey 3D model gives visitors an idea of how a custom design can help a product stand out. It sparkles in metallized gold with a hand-minted gold coin attached to the bottle below the neck.

The 3D model for the Kleos Mastiha glass bottle proves that sometimes a custom cap can be the star of the show. Shaped like a diamond, it easily tells shoppers that this is a premium spirit. See how Phoenix can create completely custom molds, like the one-of-a kind skull-shaped SkullDuggery Rum bottle.

Images of other custom designs and a video detailing one of their glass supplier’s productions are featured in their booth design.

Phoenix Packaging invites anyone interested in custom designs to visit their 3D LIVE Booth. Visitors will see spirits bottles, but Phoenix also supplies top-quality beer and wine bottles, cosmetic components, and food containers in a variety of materials, including metal, glass, and ceramic.

Like what you see? Visitors can open up a chat with representatives from Phoenix Packaging easily to start planning their next project right away.

Meet us at the booth today at www.expomaker.com/expo/phoenixpackaging.

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