Showcase Luxury Products with Presentation Boxes from Phoenix

  • Phoenix Packaging

A luxury product, like a special edition spirits bottle or perfume, needs unique secondary packaging to impart its value to consumers. Phoenix Packaging is proud to offer custom made decorative presentation boxes to help showcase your very special products.

Products in presentation boxes are often chosen for gifts and kept long after the product is finished as decoration, so it’s essential that they are top quality. Whether your preference is wood, paperboard, plexiglass, leather, or any other material- Phoenix will be able to make it a reality. Their team will work with you to develop that special presentation box you have always wanted.

Whether you already have a clear vision of the box for your product or need some help visualizing your ideas, Phoenix will help you complete your pack.

Your products will remain intact during travel and use. Customize the inside with silk lined foam molds, keeping your bottle safe and secure.

Contact Phoenix Packaging today to learn how you can present your luxury items in style.


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