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When it comes to memorable branding the devil is in the details. A point that can't be illustrated any better than by showing how a carefully designed closure is able to bring an entire concept together. And that's exactly how Phoenix Packaging helped complete the design of Tank Rum's platinum rum bottle, a customized flint bottle created to look like an actual scuba tank.

Rum has always had a strong connection to the Caribbean, to tropical adventures and having fun by the beach. Shaping a bottle like a scuba tank accentuates that feeling, managing to deliver a fully realized product that both draws everyone's eyes in and leaves a long-lasting impression. Since a flat-bottomed bottle with round shoulders might not scream "scuba tank" at first sight, the custom cork became crucial in the development process to give that final life-like look to this very unique bottle.

Phoenix Packaging's expertise in custom design allowed Tank Rum to materialize its concept, creating a stunning final product in multiple capacities from 50ml to 1.75 liters.

Feel inspired? Get in touch now and see how we can help you bring your ideas to life. Customization never fails to elevate a brand, a gamble that's always worth taking when you're working with us. Your creativity is in safe hands. 

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