Food dispensing has never been this perfect, check out PKP's DP30

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Among the wide range of dispensing pumps PKP has to offer, food-grade pumps are some of the company's most sought-after products by consumers and buyers alike. The company has received all necessary certifications to ensure every single one of its products for the food industry is safe and can be used for dispensing consuming goods.

The DP30 is a great testament to the care and time the company puts into every single one of its designs and solutions. The pump has a discharge nozzle at a 40-degree angle that allows any fluid to be applied perfectly in the right place. A brilliant mechanism for restaurants and catering businesses, where the client's happiness relies on the consistency of the food being delivered.

The DP30 is particularly designed for viscous fluids, a great option for sauces, syrups, honey, etc. And its extraordinary durability makes it reusable in the professional market. Unlike the DP30-A's actuator - which has 2 optional nozzle angles in two pieces - the B actuator is in one piece.

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