Pump with a discharge nozzle at a 40-degree angle, which allows the fluid to be applied perfectly in the right place. The DP30 is particularly designed for viscous fluid. The advantage of excellent durability makes the DP30 reusable in the professional market. Different from the DP30-A's actuator that has 2 optional nozzle angles in two pieces, the B actuator is in one piece.


Reference Number
Product typeDispenser
Dispenser Sub TypeDispenser
MaterialsPlastic - PP
Neck Diameter38 mm
Neck Type400
Outputs / Dosages (ml)
30cc +/- 0.5cc per stroke; Available options: 10cc, 15cc, 20cc, 25cc +/- 0.5cc per stroke
Markets & Applications
  • Beverages
  • Food
  • Pharma
  • Syrups


Neck Diameter38 mm
Neck Type410


Neck Diameter38 mm
Neck Type415


Neck Diameter38 mm
Neck Type420


Neck Diameter40 mm
Neck Type410


Neck Diameter42 mm
Neck Type410
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