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Plastopiave goes even greener with energy from renewable sources

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Environmental ethics are part of Plastopiave's company values and as such the Italian company focuses on reducing the consumption of resources in addition to making its products and processes more environmentally sustainable.

Since 2008 Plastopiave has been self-generating part of the energy required for its production lines through a photovoltaic system of 5,400 square metres which supplies 250.000 kWh of energy per year. However, this was not enough.

Now, Plastopiave is using only certified energy from renewable sources across its 35,000 square metre facilities. From June 2015 the company has taken another great step forward towards environmental sustainability and it continues its work in researching safer and more comfortable work environments, reducing energy consumption and the production of sustainable products.

Recycle - Reuse - Reduction of plastic use

Recycling is active in all sectors within the company and Plastopiave has halved its solid waste. All containers are recyclable and in agreement with customers who so wish, carton boxes and pallets are also reused. Leftovers from production, sprues and cuttings pass through grinding mills installed on the machinery, ensuring immediate recovery.

Plastopiave has an annual production capacity of 180 million of pieces and container weight is evaluated together with the customer so that where it is possible, a weight reduction is suggested in order to reduce the amount of plastic used. Beyond traditional petrol-based raw materials, Plastopiave can also supply containers produced with sugar cane based polyethylene, Green PE, upon customer demand.

Respect for co-workers, consumers and for the environment constantly guides Plastopiave in its choice of technology and materials.

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