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Plastopiave has announced that it now has the ability to offer a new biodegradable plastic line that has the same mechanical characteristics as traditional non-degradable products. The new line seeks to offer companies an alternative to traditional plastics that is not prohibitive with regard to level of quality, development time, or price.

Combining a one-percent load of a special additive to the plastic resins we obtain finished plastic products biodegradable while maintaining their other desired characteristics.

Moreover, the new line is fully biodegradable in 9 months to 5 years, breaking down more quickly whenever disposed of with other things that are in the process of degrading (anaerobically and aerobically), such as in landfills, compost heaps (backyards and commercial facilities), or simply buried in the ground or littered.

Agricultural and erosion-control settings are optimal, ensuring the new line is also recyclable, and can be made with recycled resins. Unlike many existing biodegradable lines, Plastopiave's solution is usable with food products. Manufacturing processes do not use heat, light, or mechanical stress to break down the materials used.

Further, the line does not require any special handling, nor does it use heavy metals at any point. The line is the result of strict adherence to European Directive 94/62/CE and the December 20th, 1994 council ruling on packaging and packaging waste.

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Plastopiave goes even greener with energy from renewable sources

Environmental ethics are part of Plastopiave's company values and as such the Italian company focuses on reducing the consumption of resources in addition to making its products and processes more environmentally sustainable. Now, Plastopiave is using only certified energy from renewable sources across its 35,000 square metre facilities. From June 2015 the company has taken another great step forward towards environmental sustainability.

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