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Blogs and Cosmetics – A few words about advertising in the blogosphere – Part II

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Last week we described the possibilities of collaboration between cosmetic brands and the blogosphere. We continue this topic to see how it works from another perspective – from the point of view of the blogger.

We asked Joanna Pachla, the owner of the Wyrwane z kontekstu blog, to delve further into the topic, as she has frequently cooperated with various brands. Her portfolio is very broad, and her readers’ trust continues to grow. Joanna Pachla is considered to be one of the most influential bloggers in Poland[1], and her readers get product reviews accompanied with stories from her life. Every entry that is created in cooperation with a company is simultaneously posted on social networking sites.

Politech: From time to time, you post reviews of cosmetics on “Wyrwane z kontekstu”. How do you decide whether you want to work with a particular cosmetic brand? Does every brand have the opportunity to be promoted on your blog? Does it have to meet certain criteria (apart from solvency, of course)?

Joanna Pachla: It depends if I use the products of a given brand. Or, if I am ready to start to use them. On my blog I have never recommended products or services I have not tested before or which have not met my expectations. In theory, every brand has a chance to be promoted on my blog, but only if it offers a good product. The financial aspect is secondary – if a new Polish brand asked me to support it in promoting a really good product, it is quite possible that I would be willing to agree to do it for little (or even without any) remuneration.

Which forms of advertising do cosmetic brands primarily choose?

They are mostly reviews. Companies send me their latest products and give me some time to test them out. If I am satisfied with the results, then I share my opinion with my readers. Reviews are frequently accompanied by a competition for readers or discounts on shopping. I want to make sure that some of them also have the chance to try these products for free (or at a discount) on their own.

Does the packaging influence the reception of the product and the final evaluation?

In my case, yes. Contrary to the popular slogan, appearance matters. Just like I can judge a book by the cover (I hate badly published books), I also judge a cosmetic by its packaging. There is so much competition on the market that I do not have to use products which I do not like from the very beginning. Maybe I lose a lot because of this, as there could be a great product hidden under ugly packaging, but I assume that the cover indicates what is to be found inside. If the producer did not put much effort into the final aesthetic side of the product – why should I believe that they did for the product?

Do you sometimes use the advice and reviews of other female or male bloggers?

Yes. As far as cosmetics are concerned, blogs are my main source of information. They are much more reliable than the media, which bombard us with ads and articles, or tests provided on request. At the same time, they are more substantial and well-written than posts on various forums. Today’s blogger is not only a drudge writer, but, very often, an opinion-maker in the field, or an expert.

If a brand offered you the chance to create your own line of cosmetics (like the Macademian Girl Makeup for PAESE) – would you agree? Why?

No, not at this moment, for sure. I do not know anything more about cosmetics than the average Jo, and I have never had much interest in them. I use them just like everyone else – so I do not see why I should create my own lines. Of course, it would probably have a good effect on my finances and image, but to me it would not be reliable. I could publish a book, as I know how to write. I could give advice to people, as I supposedly know a lot about life and people. I could travel around Poland and give lectures on blogs because I have achieved a lot in this field. But creating my own line of cosmetics? I definitely prefer just to use them.

[1] Joanna Pachla and her “Wyrwane z kontekstu” blog were included in the Silver Ten of the Most Influential Bloggers of 2016 ranking by Jason Hunt, and in Golden Group of Share Week 2016 by Andrzej Tucholski.

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