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Politech promoted itself in capital city of France

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Politech made the most of PCD Paris 2018 fairs from 31 of January to 1 of February. Many potential partners expressed interest in Politech offers and out new technologies made us hard to forget. So it is no surprise that Politech’s team came back from capital city of France with a spring in their step.

Right from the startit became clear that not only were exhiboitors trying to implement new technologies into their products and services, but so were the event organisers. Participants were provided with a very useful mobile app to allow for better communication between PCD-goers. 

Thanks to this application Politech team could download information about visitors and companies who expressed and interest in our offer. It only required a simple scan of a QR code on guests tickets. Visitors were also able to do sthe same for brands that they were curious about. It was like a virtual version of a business card but with knowledge about every exhibitor. The app for smartphones and tablets collected many positive reviews.

Politech’s team sees the Paris trip as a huge postitive for the company. It was yet another opportunity to promote our brand on an international scale and have our offerings pique interest. Much was taken from the event, including new and improved business relationships.


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