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About creating glass packaging and our cooperation with Heinz-Glas Działdowo

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After years of collaboration, relations between business partners begin to look routine. However, Politech is curious about the world and eagerly discusses issues related to cooperating companies. This is why we decided to conduct a short interview with Monika Kosmala-Sójka, Sales and Marketing Manager in HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo.

Cezary Szwarc: “To know our roots is to know our place in the world” – why is this slogan an important part of HEINZ-GLAS website?

Monika Kosmala-Sójka: It’s simple – HEINZ-GLAS has been owned by the Heinz family since 1622 and it has been run by 15 generations. Currently, few family businesses can boast such a perseverance.

That’s right, almost 400 years of tradition… It is amazing. Do employees also link their life with the company?

The glass industry requires experience, which is gained a bit longer than in other industries. Our employees’ seniority is impressive. It is often their first job, which they continue until their well-deserved retirement.

What are the values HEINZ-GLAS is driven by?

HISTORY/EXCELLENCE/INNOVATION/SUSTAINABILITY/FUTURE – these are the key words HEINZ is driven by. They cover everything that is important to us.

Today, HEINZ-GLAS does not only deal with glass production, does it?

Glass is the base – the heart of the company – but there is a system around the “heart”, which includes plastics as well as glass and plastics decoration. In the group we apply the principle that decoration goes hand in hand with glass production.

Having experience in glass and plastics prodcution, you can say something about both industries. What is the biggest problem in the production of glass and in plastics processing?

When it comes to the glass, the technology is quite difficult since it is based on natural raw materials, which melt at high temperatures. Plastics are highly popular. Competition seems to be the biggest obstacle to overcome in the processing of plastic.

What has HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo to offer? Do you offer standard products or mostly individual orders?

Our business is based on selling products to the individual orders of the clients. The sales of standard products is about 30% and this part of our business activity increases every year, which makes us really happy. The global support of our sales offices located all over the world also contributes to this success.

What does the glass packaging design process look like?

From the idea to the ready product – the client often comes to us with an idea and we translate it into the production reality. We prepare a technical drawing of the bottle so that, apart from the visual aspect, it fulfils its principal function, e.g. it has suitable capacity. Then, we manufacture sample forms and a sample product. If everything is fine, we prepare the forms for line production and start the production process. The entire process is carried out in-house, in our plant, which makes us really proud.

What technological and material constraints most affect the design process?

Definitely the shape of the bottle and the edges. It is said that glass “doesn’t like” sharp edges, because it is a potential place of cracks.

What does the glass packaging production process look like? What machines are used and how has it changed over the years?

The world has improved technologically over the recent years and the forming machines, especially the machines for checking the glass packaging, are complex devices with electronic controls. However, a man – human eyes, hands and, of course, the head are indispensable to operate the machines, check the bottles and improve the processes.

What are your recent successes you can boast about?

The products in packaging produced in HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo you can see on the shelves in the shops are the best recommendation of our work. What is the most satisfying? Our projects are more often complmentary ones, which means that we deliver glass packaging with decorated plastic cap.

What do you think about the changes in the market of cosmetics and perfumes? Do you have more orders from this industry?

We have had an uninterrupted demand for cosmetic packaging over the last two years. Hence, we decided to execute the investments by doubling our glass smelting capacity. Therefore, we will be able to complete the orders even faster next year.

When it comes to producing plastic packaging, Politech is driven by very similar principles and a very similar mission to HEINZ-GLAS. Perhaps this is why the cooperation between our companies goes so well?

Politech has been our business partner for many years and the cooperation has always been good. Currently, the metallisation of plastic caps is the largest part of the business. We often recommend you to our clients since we believe that your company, as a cap manufacturer, is worth it.

It works also the other way round. We are also very satisfied with cooperation; this is why we are so curious about your company. We are glad that such an experienced and reliable company is our partner. I am pleased that you agreed to answer a few questions. It will allow us and our clients understand the vision and approach of HEINZ-GLAS Działdowo better.

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