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Instant Beauty - What is it all about and how can you use it?

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Although Slow Life continues to be one of the most influential trends in the consumer market, there is also a large group of people who have a different approach to life. This group of consumers chooses cosmetics with great care, assessing their composition. They also have certain requirements related to life in a constant hurry. Instant Beauty expects quick results, 3-in-1 cosmetics, and products combining care cosmetics with colour cosmetics.

What is Instant Beauty?

Instant Beauty is a trend that is especially noticeable among women strongly committed to pursuing a professional career. People who live in a constant hurry look for products combining multiple functions, so as to be able to take only one product instead of many. Such cosmetics should give instant results, energising your skin and making it more radiant, healthy in tone and smooth before any important meeting.

What could an Instant Beauty product be like? Consumers most frequently look for products that both moisturise their skin and give it a healthy tone. They also expect the effect of “lightness”. This means that cosmetics should not be too nourishing, so as not to leave the skin visibly greasy and make your clothes sticky or dirty.

Applying multiple products at a time

Being keen to achieve instant results, consumers often combine various cosmetics on their own. Such Instant Beauty practices, however, are not always effective. Applied to your body right after care cosmetics, colour cosmetics will not give the desired result; quite the contrary, they may have a poor impact on your skin. Applying different products layer after layer, before the previous one has been absorbed, may clog up your pores.

Probiotics support Instant Beauty

With Instant fashion, probiotics are becoming ever more popular. The microbes and bacteria (usually milk acid bacteria) that they contain have a visible impact on human skin. They give quick and visible results. Probiotics are frequent components of dermocosmetics, a group of products classified in between cosmetics and medicines.

For every season

Manufacturers that target Instant Beauty consumers have many opportunities to demonstrate their potential: 3-in-1 products, combinations of white cosmetics with colour cosmetics, or lines of dermocosmetics. Still, it would be good to pay particular attention to the seasonality of manufactured products. In winter, cosmetics with a high content of regenerating substances and a nice warm scent are especially popular. At colder times, your skin needs also more colour. In summer, it is better to focus on various fruit-flavoured gels and peelings. It is also recommended that you provide products that give the skin a sun-kissed glow.

Example to follow

While creating seasonal product versions, it is good to think about a separate line of Instant Beauty cosmetics, following the example set by Revlon. All the products in this series are characterised by the combination of instant action with care. The hair conditioner makes it easier to brush hair right after application. It leaves hair moisturised and smooth. At the same time, its ingredients regenerate and strengthen your hair structure in the long-term.

The Instant Beauty Trend seems to stand in conflict with Slow Life, but only at first glance. The fans of the former fashion also tend to take a close look at the products they use, their production, composition and health impact. What distinguishes them is their desire to make cosmetics into universal products that give instant results. Although both groups actually differ only slightly, each of them should be offered a dedicated range of products, considering the growing popularity of these trends.

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