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Trends or production capabilities – What are the factors that change the packaging market?

Trends are among the most frequently recurring themes in all articles, publications or presentations regarding the cosmetic packaging market. Predictions about future trends are made on the basis of cultural changes in society, the financial resources of consumers or even other trends coming from completely different industries. The most popular source of inspiration is the fashion industry, especially since many well-renowned designers work there. However, even in the case of such experts, issues related to technological factors, production difficulties or the availability of materials still apply. If this is so, then what can actually change the packaging market? Is it the projects of creative trendsetters? Or perhaps the development of production technology?

Minimalism and production possibilities
Minimalism has remained among the most influential trends for years. But if this is the case, why is it that there are so many cosmetics with richly-decorated packaging on the market? And why are there as many cosmetic products with decorative bottles or caps as there are those with rather simple and economical ones? Of course, this is highly dependent on the target group for a specific product, and this is a factor that can have a huge impact on the choice of packaging. For example, it is no secret that customers in the Middle East like golden ornaments and decorative elements resembling precious stones.

It is equally easy to notice that products designed for the American or European market are also often characterised by their unusual designs and various, original decorations. Examples of such perfume products include: Paco Rabanne Pure XS, with a decorative, gold snake-shaped cap, L’Air Du Temps Niny Ricci with a multi-coloured bottle that has a decorated silver ring at the top and a pearl cap in the shape of two doves, as well as Anna Sui Fantasia Mermaid with a gold, siren-shaped cap.

This begs the question as to why trends do not proceed in a single direction. The reason for this may be a strong desire to create something completely new and unique, often with the use of modern technologies. It is often the case that packaging manufacturers encourage perfume producers to try out new production methods, thanks to which their products will certainly stand out on the market.

Technological changes that affect the market
Technologies for processing the three materials from which cosmetic packaging is typically produced are constantly evolving. Glass, paper and plastics can already be processed in numerous ways, but thanks to the introduction of innovative machines new ways are being developed all the time. Therefore, it is hardly surprising to see processing companies wanting to utilise the expensive modern technologies that they have just implemented to the fullest extent. In turn, clients who see these new products offered by their suppliers quickly begin to consider introducing new goods, using a type of packaging that no competitor has yet developed.

Through this, progress in both technology and industry affect the way in which the packaging market itself will develop. These changes are not always compatible with current trends, however. As such, among the new products on the market, we can encounter those that are inspired by trends, cultural shifts and public concerns, as well as those that are the result of the willingness of producers to present something new, unprecedented and outstanding to their customers.

Which route should we choose?
When introducing new products or creating new packaging for their existing product lines, manufacturers always face a difficult choice. Is it better to design a package whose colour is in-line with the current fashion trends, or choose a colour that is not yet attainable to our competition? Should we choose a simple and minimalist shape? Or should we allow our supplier to design a top-of-the-line cap that looks like a true masterpiece? Is it more reasonable to opt for more traditional decoration, created with the use of galvanisation? Or perhaps decoration created with the use of metallisation, which is developing very fast and is becoming more ecological? Of course, all of these choices are highly dependent on the relevant marketing factors such as our target group, the target market, the necessity of adjusting the appearance of the packaging to match the rest of our products, as well as many others.

Balanced market development
As a producer of cosmetic product packaging, we are perfectly aware of the trends among our clients. A very important factor is that currently the market is in a state of equilibrium. We receive as many inquiries regarding simple patterns, including standard products, as we do regarding complex, multi-element and individually-customised projects. Some customers decide to choose the latter solution after we present our growing technological capabilities to them. These extensive production capabilities are the primary factor that makes our clients desire amazing and unique designs for their products. And of course, we will be more than happy to help you choose the perfect perfume cap or cosmetic jar for your product.

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