New blue dropper bottles

  • Pont Europe

Leading container packaging specialist, Johnsen & Jorgensen has complemented its popular range of amber dropper bottles with an attractive new range of blue glass bottle options.

Reinforcing Johnsen & Jorgensen's strength in the pharmaceutical and personal care markets, the blue dropper bottles also are available in 10, 30, 50 and 100ml sizes and with frosted glass options.

The droppers are ideal for dispensing and dosing a range of pharmaceutical liquids and medicines and are also very popular within the herbal remedy and aromatherapy markets, storing, for example, essential oils and fragrance oils.

The new blue range is available with full dropper bulb assemblies and plugs and can be used with or without tamper-proof screw cap closures.

This range is currently held in stock at the French warehousing facilities of leading pan-European packaging supplier, Pont Europe, with whom Johnsen & Jorgensen merged late last year. The alliance of the two companies has created exciting new product and market opportunities, underlined by the availability of this new blue range which immediately provides Johnsen & Jorgensen with competitive advantage in the UK's large and lucrative dropper bottles market.

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