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VMS Packaging focus for J&J Pont Packaging

Leading container packaging specialist, J&J Pont Packaging, is focusing on its growing strength in the VMS packaging sector with a number of innovative product lines. Drawing on its extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, its very latest introduction is a new range of PET Sirop bottles and a new Veral bottle for packaging various liquid medicines and treatments.

A modern alternative to traditional glass bottles, the lightweight PET Sirop bottles come in 100, 200, 250 and 300ml sizes and in medical amber as standard from stock but with other attractive colours available to order.

All Sirop bottles come with the same standard threaded 28mm ROPP neck and are ideal for packaging over the counter medicines such as cough and throat syrups as well as liquid treatments in the VMS sector such as cod liver oil and Aloe Vera.

Also to be highlighted is the Waisted Roundpacker, manufactured in HDPE and now available in 1,000 and 1,250ml sizes. While the traditional roundpacker has a more masculine shape for packaging body-building powders, this container has been designed with a more feminine profile for packaging nutritional and slimming products.  It can be provided in a choice of colours and with full body sleeves, matching caps, seals, neck sleeves and various powder scoops also available.

With significantly more vitamin and supplement products now purchased online or via mail order, J&J Pont Packaging's slimline Pont Pack solution has been specifically developed to fit through a letter box where standard bottle or jar packages could not.

Manufactured in HDPE and in 120 and 275ml sizes, Pont Pack is classed by the Royal Mail as a 'large letter' rather than a 'small package', a distinction that enables significant savings in postal costs for both manufacturers and their customers and helps eliminate the uncertainty and, at times, inconvenience of bulky parcel delivery.

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  • Modified 21 Dec 2015
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