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Knowledge is power! We want to share our deep knowledge of sustainable packaging to support and help power a circular economy. That’s why PONT has created a dedicated website for our sustainable packaging solutions at www.mygreenpackaging.com

The PONT Green Team has carefully compiled this detailed yet readable collection of answers, analysis and advice, all designed to bring clarity and understanding to the role that sustainable rigid packaging plays in the brand experience.

The objective is to gather in one place answers to questions that brand owners are facing about their packaging. Across different regions, customers are asking how to make their packaging more sustainable; they don’t know where to start, other than their motivation is to be more environmentally-responsible. PONT wants to support that motivation, and by creating www.mygreenpackaging.com, we can make the journey to sustainable packaging that bit smoother. Our team will regularly update the website too, as this crucial topic evolves.

Sharing creates solutions

With the increasingly-strict EU regulations on single use plastics, greater consumer pressure to deliver responsible packaging and a necessary focus on the negative impact that plastic waste creates in our environment, PONT proudly sees its role to inform, assist and support brands in making their packaging future-proof.

Ever since PONT was founded as a glass packaging supplier in Amsterdam in 1906, creating sustainable packaging has been our goal. Sustainable packaging is in our DNA. Now more than ever, we must share our solutions-based knowledge of how packaging can support a circular economy. www.mygreenpackaging.com is our home for that knowledge; to offer as much insight, information and guidance as we can for our customers.

With a clear structure and informative, jargon-free style, this unique website delivers accessible information on the regulations, processes and materials that influence brand owners’ choices when it comes to packaging. The Frequently Asked Questions section is especially helpful in terms of addressing core concerns, with PET, rPET, glass and other packaging substrates all discussed. All the information has been been gathered from well-known research centres and verified by our team of internal experts. Our team will regularly update the website too, as this crucial topic evolves.

Practical and responsible

The PONT portfolio includes an extensive range of sustainable packaging solutions that delivers affordable quantities to customers from small start-ups to large corporations. As one of the largest packaging suppliers in Europe, PONT can supply any quantity of virgin recyclable packaging and recycled and bio-based packaging in affordable MOQs. Let’s not forget that plastic packaging has an important role to play in terms of protection of goods, extending shelf life and recyclability. All our PET, PE and glass packaging is fully recyclable of course; PONT has been working on alternatives for many years now, so we have a complete portfolio. We can supply the vast majority of our standard solutions in recycled or bio-based alternatives.

These standard solutions and alternatives are discussed in the Tips & Tricks section of www.mygreenpackaging.com, with practical suggestions on how brand owners can create a greener packaging solution. With PONT’s sustainable strategy driven by four main pillars ‘The 4 R’s – Reduce material, Redesign packaging, Recycled material, and Renewable material‘ its ability to analyse and advise customers on how best to boost their packaging performance is both accessible and knowledgeable.

Sometimes it can be the smallest packaging element that can disturb and block the recycling process, which is why every aspect must comply with the overall sustainability principle. But that needn’t be overwhelming; the PONT Green Team and our dedicated sustainability website www.mygreenpackaging.com is here to make that journey to sustainable packaging efficient and enjoyable.

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