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Can sustainability and plastic packaging fit together?

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Today, every type of packaging impacts the environment, whether it is glass, plastic, carton, metal etc. And all of them have their functionality. Plastics have multiple advantages for packaging, which other materials do not have.

For all packaging, where high hygiene standards and a resilient packaging are requested, plastics are still one of the best solutions. E.g. for food, pharma packaging, hygiene products, chemicals.

The main advantages are:

  • It’s light weight, so less CO2 emission is needed for transportation
  • It’s cleanable, so reusability & recyclability for several times and applications is given
  • Using plastics in circles is possible, so CO2 emission is less than using new materials
  • Mono-material is used for our products, so recycling can work very well
  • Plastic can be produced out of bio based and renewable raw materials too
  • High protective and clean properties for the filled product

As plastics have their advantages and functionality, we need to optimize and improve the production and waste streams to reach sustainable green packaging in line with the EU targets of the Green Deal.

To find out more about our different sustainable plastic packaging options, contact us!

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