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Pont Packaging has been offering sustainable packaging options to its customers for years. Embracing digital communications has enabled the company to facilitate a new sustainable process.

When considering sustainable packaging, buyers consider the material and whether the product can be recycled after use. Recycled content, bio-content, mono-material and lighter weight packaging are all ways in which Pont has enabled its customers to incorporate 'better' packaging for the future of the planet.

The consideration of sustainability during the design stage of packaging is ever more prevalent and Pont has now incorporated a new way to save resources and CO2 emissions by taking advantage of a new way to show off it's packaging through digital technology.

Pont Packaging is currently participating in the Webpackaging LIVE online event, whereby its packaging has been transformed into 3D so that it can be viewed by anyone on their digital communications device.

See Pont Packaging at Webpackaging LIVE

With 3D models available to view from any angle and against a range of backgrounds, Pont's 3D packaging catalogue offers a new way to see its products and incorporate labels or colours to the packs so that time and energy is saved at the planning stage, reducing the requirement for different physical samples to be produced and distributed.

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