Versatile, secure and user friendly – new PET dropper bottles from Pont

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Dropper bottles have long been used when accurate dosing of liquids is required but the traditional glass bottles are both heavy and fragile for the modern world of online sales and on-the-go products.

That’s why Pont have developed a PET alternative and are pleased to present a new range in 3 popular sizes – 10ml, 30ml and 50ml. The PET dropper bottles are both lightweight and robust resulting in lower transport costs and quicker deliveries with less breakages – safer all around for manufactures and end users.

Extremely versatile, the use of PET opens up a myriad of new possible applications in all sectors for the dropper bottles traditionally used for pharmaceutical and natural health preparations, from cosmetics, flavour drops and oils in the fast growing Hemp and CBD market to culinary flavourings and home baking additives.

The three bottles have the same standard GL18 neck meaning that they are compatible with a whole host of tamper evident or child resistant closures and dosing systems such as pipettes, dropper units and sprays to complete the set.

All closures and accessories are available from Pont, creating a complete packaging solution for our customers. The dropper bottles also complement Pont’s PET Veral range starting from 100ml, which has a matching silhouette. And of course, if a traditional glass dropper bottle is required, Pont has a complete range of these too from 10ml up to 100ml.

The flexibility of PET not only makes the bottle more practical but also opens up a whole world of colour options for brands. There are a wider range of standards available in amber, white and clear and beyond that, any colour can be produced to complement or contrast with branding or even a set of different colours to differentiate flavours etc. for a product range. And for light sensitive products, coloured PET bottles offer the same UV protection.

In line with Pont’s commitment to sustainable packaging, the new dropper bottles can be manufactured in recycled PET or a combination of virgin PET and rPET. Recycled PET offers all the same technical benefits of virgin PET and is certified as food safe, offering consumers a more environmentally friendly product.

The new bottles are just one of Pont’s high quality ranges for the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical and VMS Sectors.

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