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    Recycling journey of a pizza box

    • Pratt Industries

    Pratt Industries’ Recycling Division is a full service recycler with 13 facilities. Pratt utilizes the paper products collected in the production of its 100% recycled content paper and packaging solutions. Our mission is to create sustainable recycling solutions for our customers that maximize waste diversion, create cost savings and revenue stream for valuable recyclables previously landfilled, all the while minimizing the environmental impact by preserving natural resources for future generations.

    Every year Pratt Industries diverts 1.8 million tons of waste paper, other recyclable materials and waste-to-clean energy materials from the landfill. Some items that cannot be recycled are used as fuel for Pratt’s clean energy plant which powers the paper-making process. We close the loop!

    • Marco Borruso
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    • Created 11 Feb 2019
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