Pretium Packaging Catalog

Pretium Packaging is a renowned manufacturer of premium-quality plastic bottles and jars made of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Their products cater to a wide range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements, personal care, household, consumer chemicals, niche food, and beverage markets. Their exceptional capabilities include injection blow molding, injection stretch blow molding, and extrusion blow molding. It is worth mentioning that Alpha Packaging was acquired by Pretium Packaging in October 2021.

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic bottles and packers are incredibly versatile and can be used for a wide range of products. These bottles are perfect for a variety of markets and applications.

Jar packaging is ideal for a wide range of products across various industries, such as nutritional supplements, pharmaceuticals, personal care, household items, automotive chemicals, as well as food and beverage products. These jars come in different sizes and shapes to cater to the specific packaging requirements of each industry.

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