New Application Takes Shape in Dupont TM Surlyn 3D overmolding

  • Prime Production Ltd

Prime Production develops new concepts for the overmolding of surlyn, with the potential of new decoration techniques, visual effects and heightened product safety.

Benefits of new technology include the cost-effective production of visually appealing and more durable containers for cosmetics and fragrances that combine glass-like transparency with luxury decorative effects and increased consumer safety and convenience.

Another benefit of the surlyn outer layer includes the integration of a transparent, smooth surface which has a magnifying effect on the colored/decorated insert beneath it; the creation of a thick, glass-like bottom to the container for enhanced visual luxury; and the formation of a protective coating around the decorated insert for greater convenience and durable aesthetic appeal.

Finally, this outer layer can be used to magnify, enhance and durably protect visual effects, as well as rendering the bottle or container far less susceptible to breakage or damage, helping retain an overall luxurious sense of weight (if required) to ensure high chemical compatibility with the ingredient.

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