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Qosmedix offers new series of open-ended flexible tubes

  • Qosmedix

Qosmedix now offers a complete range of open-ended flexible tubes for sampling and packaging skincare and cosmetic products.

These tubes are available with four different closures; a Foil Seal and Screw On Cap, Foil Seal and Flip Top Cap, Needle Nose Tip, and a Slanted Reducer Tip. With a diameter range of 13 mm to 25 mm and a capacity range from 1.5 ml to 30 ml, these tubes are perfect for packaging or sampling lotions, gels, foundations, lip gloss and balms.

The coex tubes are also ideal for formulations with SPF protection. The tubes come open-ended for easy factory filling. The stock components are available in white on Qosmedix.com but are fully customizable using the 3D product configurator now available on IttyBittyBeauty.com.

Itty Bitty Beauty is a division of Qosmedix, specializing in mini packaging, that utilizes technology to help bring products to life, in addition to streamlining the sourcing and development process.

To learn more about these products, please visit www.qosmedix.com.

To use the 3D product configurator to customize these items, please visit www.ittybittybeauty.com

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