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Qosmedix introduces matte black mixing palette collection

  • Qosmedix

Qosmedix has introduced a new, luxurious matte black mixing palette collection to their comprehensive beauty supplies category. The stainless steel, Rectangular Mixing Palettes (Part #’s 18222-18224) are available in Mini and Large sizes. The large palette is also available as a value set with an included stainless steel mixing spatula. Each palette features a finger hole to provide a comfortable grip while mixing, blending and applying cosmetics. They can be easily cleaned to help professional makeup artists maintain sanitary makeup application practices on multiple clients. Customization is available for these products in the form of printing a logo or changing the color of the palettes and spatula. Please visit www.qosmedix.com to place an order or to learn more about this new collection of products.

Qosmedix is an ISO 9001, ISO 14001 certified global supplier to the cosmetic, skin care, spa and salon industries. Founded on the concept of maintaining hygienic practices during beauty consultations, the company has expanded to provide an array of high quality products that offer convenience and value to its customers. The vast inventory includes brushes, swabs, applicators, disposable spa wear, jars, bottles and more. For assistance with sample requests, orders or customization inquiries, please contact a Customer Specialist by phone: +1 (631) 242-3270, fax: +1 (631) 242-3291, or e-mail: info@qosmedix.com. Visit www.qosmedix.com to view the complete product line or download the latest full-line catalog. Qosmedix is a division of Qosina, a leading international supplier of components to the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

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Qosmedix expands glass dramming bottle collection with new amber color

Qosmedix is excited to announce a new addition to their line of glass packaging supplies. The popular 3 ml Glass Dramming Bottle with Cap and Attached Spatula, offered in Clear with a Black Cap (Part # 74239) or White Cap (Part # 74240), is now available in Amber (Part # 74248). These Amber Glass Dramming Bottles come assembled with a Black Cap and attached clear spatula, perfectly designed for scooping out product, and features a PE lining for added protection.

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