Rayuen Packaging

Rayuen Packaging

Packaging supplier dedicated in standard & bespoke primary packagings for the cosmetic, skincare and personal healthcare industries

Looking for reliable, affordable and customized packaging solutions?

Whether you are looking to contain your cosmetic products in a fashionable way, or package your skin care products in an innovative design, just partner with Rayuen Packaging, supplier of packaging containers and closures for beauty products, a team of dedicated, professional and experienced staff who have worked in the cosmetic packaging industry for over 10 years to back you up.

At Rayuen, we design and manufacture packaging, and make your products stand out from the crowd. We offer empty packaging containers and closures in all sizes for cosmetics, bath & body, haircare, footcare and the perfumery industry as our product range includes jars, bottles, airless pump dispensers, lids & closures, cosmetic dropper assemblies and pump sprayers in materials which include plastic, aluminum and glass.

Whether you are sourcing packaging to improve existing beauty lines or make custom packaging for private label products, from us you can fulfill all of your packaging needs.