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Rayuen Packaging discusses how to make a mark in the beauty packaging industry

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Rayuen Packaging is a relatively new beauty packaging company on the market, yet it already has an excellent reputation for quality and service comparable to companies that have been established for many years. Sue talks to the Webpackaging team about how Rayuen has been building such a solid foundation for itself in such a competitive market and the importance of quickly recognizing trends in beauty packaging.

Sue, please can you introduce yourself and tell us about your position and what it entails at Rayuen Packaging?

I have been working in the cosmetic packaging industry for 12 years. It's something that I enjoy and am passionate about. My experience at Rayuen Packaging has taught me a lot about both the production and decoration processes. I've also seen the importance of quality, both in the product and in offering a quality customer service. All of this has helped me to move forward and to serve customers even better using my vast professional knowledge of the cosmetic packaging industry.

Rayuen is a relatively new beauty packaging company, yet it already has an excellent reputation for quality and service comparable to companies that have been established for many years. How has the company developed its excellent reputation?

Our company was established 2013. All the staff at Rayuen are highly-experienced and customer-oriented and we are looking to build long-term relationships with clients to be their real partner. This is important for business at Rayuen Packaging.

As well as offering competitive prices for high quality products, customer service is very important — giving a quick and professional response, thinking for our clients and carrying out what we promise. A customer can just tell us their needs and we will take care of the rest.

What type of customers do you work with?

We are working with international companies from the US, Canada, UK, Australia and more. These companies include private label labs, packaging distributors and cosmetic brand too.

Rayuen beauty packaging products are described as "eye catching and functional innovation". What techniques do you use to ensure that your products stand out on the shelf?

In addition to ensuring the safety performance of the product as well as an eco-friendly performance, the texture and appearance of product is important. We advocate simple and pure designs. For us, less is more so that the product is always the highlight.

You offer a lot of different product types - caps, sprays, pumps, bottles, jars, etc. Are there any which are particularly popular?

Most of our clients come to us requesting glass jars and bottles. Containers for skin essence and face oil, like glass dropper bottles are especially popular at the moment. It is important to ensure that customers have a full range to choose from and be able to "accessorize" with the best option dispenser or cap.

Will Rayuen be offering any new products to its portfolio in the near future?

Yes! We are developing new molds for glass jars and wooden packaging concepts which will be added to our portfolio very soon. Customers are looking for eco-friendly options, so adding wooden packaging products into our product catalog offering is something that is very important for us.

Where can customers see the new products?

We're planning to showcase them at packaging exhibitions shortly.

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