Opal white glass bottles & jars for clinical, medical, skin care, and cosmeceutical products

Rayuen Packaging introduces JG-AD Series, the new packaging collection built for clinical, medical skin care, and cosmeceutical products.

There are 3 sizes available for JG-AD Series jar: 15ml, 50ml and 100ml.

  • All the components fit with plastic dome cap and seal
  • The collection can be decorated with specific printing techniques, such as: customized color spray, silk screen printing, and pre-printed foil hot stamping with special pattern designs.

The white glass components are perfect shield to block light, and protect product from with good shading performance. The color white has always been recognized as clean and tidy perfectly complementing medical skin care claims, and makeing consumers feel safer.

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Diverse closure options from Rayuen Packaging for opal glass bottles

For years, Rayuen Packaging has been a preferred supplier for providing opal glass bottles and jars as a trendy packaging solution to high-end cosmetic brands worldwide, as the opal glass bottle is reguarly adopted by companies when creating a premium impression for a cosmetic brand. In order to match diverse dosage and usage requirements of companies, Rayuen has several closure options available for its opal glass bottle collection.

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