New Glass Roller Bottle from Rayuen Elevates Skincare Experience

  • Rayuen Packaging

Rayuen Packaging presents an elegant new design, a glass roller bottle, to take skincare applications to the next level with a smooth, cool roller ball to gently glide over skin.

The pack consists of a bottle made of UV resistant white glass, the roller ball applicator, and a colorful, plastic, screw-on cap. The porcelain-like bottle can be decorated with any brand image and has an ergonomic curved design for an easier grip.

Rayuen's opal glass roller bottle is perfect for roll-on deodorants and its 60 ml volume makes it travel friendly and just the right size to stash in a bag when on the go.

Following the growing trend in cosmetics and personal care of applying products using the roller ball for a pleasant, massage experience, the glass roller bottle could also be adapted to other skincare and beauty products.

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