Two new glass jar options for cosmetic eye treatments

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Beauty packaging comes in all shapes and sizes and Rayuen's latest product addition is available with two different specifications to offer creams, masks and cosmetic formulations a delightful packaging.

Produced in transparent flint glass, Rayuen's pressed dual-chamber jar is particularly ideal for cosmetic eye creams, make-up and masks. The pack is completed with a PP cap and a PE disc, so that each material can be recycled for reuse once the product has been depleted.

The new jars have a capacity of 25ml and 30ml in each well which is separated with either a straight or S-curve wall.

Dual chamber jars are perfect for providing complementary products together in a single pack whether day and night cream, wrinkle and brightening treatments, or a hydrating cream with a plumping mask. Rayuen's dual chamber glass jar enables these treatments to be packaged together so that the consumer has access to the product needed from a single pack.

Decoration is available upon request. Contact Rayuen for details.

Product specifications:

Product ref: JG-C25BB JG-C30BB
Divider: S-curve Straight
Volume: 2 x 25ml 2 x 30ml
Materials (both products)    
Base: Transparent flint glass
Cap: PP
Disc: PE

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