Rayuen's refillable airless jar

  • Rayuen Packaging

The benefits of airless packaging for cosmetic formulations are well known, facilitating a safe chamber for the product that protects it from the elements until it is dispensed ready for use, enabling natural product formulations to stay in prime condition for a much longer period of time.

To complement the company's airless bottles, Rayuen has added an airless cosmetic jar into its collection of packaging products too. The new jar features a refillable airless pump with excellent sealing, held securely within an acrylic outer jar.

The jar is offered in 30ml and 50ml volumes, perfect for cosmetics and can be colored to make the pack appeal to different consumer groups or to distinguish between different contents, such as day cream, night cream, nail treatments, liquid foundation and more.

To enhance the product's eco-friendly credentials, the refillable inner can also be produced in PCR, plus all of the jar's materials are 100% recyclable.

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