UV Resistant Jars and Bottles in Dramatic Black Glass from Rayuen

As the days extend and the sun stays out longer, light-sensitive products like vitamin-c infused serums and retinol start to deteriorate faster. Brands who want to keep their quality ingredients working their best for consumers until the last drop can look to Rayuen and their new line of UV resistant jars and bottles

Rayuen’s circular black glass dropper bottles come with pipettes, are available in various volumes for essential oils or essence products, and are UV resistant. This tincture glass bottle can be matched with bulb rubber dropper pipettes, push-button dropper caps, spray pumps, screw cap, and more. 

This sleek black bottle is perfect for beauty and cosmetic products, particularly, essential oils, vitamin c, or essence products and other products which are sensitive to sunlight.

These dramatic bottles are available in multiple volumes, from 5ml to 100ml and everything in between. Tailored design and customization includes spray and silkscreen decoration to let your brand’s identity shine. 

Eco-friendly options are available. Request 100% PCR PP for the cap and the bottle to be produced from recycled glass.  

Rayuen’s UV resistant black glass cosmetic Jars come with an ABS Cap and are available in three volumes- 15ml, 30ml, and 50ml. 

Rayuen’s jar is made from recyclable glass so brands can reduce their carbon footprint. It is the perfect jar for beauty and cosmetic products, particularly, cream, lotions, and other sun-sensitive products.

Rayuen Packaging is a leader in bespoke cosmetic packaging and is excited to continue developing new solutions to revolutionize the beauty industry. 


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