The New Eco Friendly PCR Cosmetic Dropper Cap from Rayuen

Consumers are increasingly expecting their packaging to be more eco-friendly. Rayuen makes it easy to launch a more sustainable beauty line with their new Eco Friendly PCR Cosmetic Dropper Cap.

Rayuen’s Eco Friendly PCR Cosmetic Dropper Cap is an elegant dropper cap with pipette assembled. The bottle and cap combo is stylish and features a classic design. Decoration options include custom colors for the dropper cap and bottle. The pipette length is also customizable.   

The dropper teat can be made from different materials, including silicone, NBR, TPE or TPR to suit different formulas. The bottle is made from flint glass, a recyclable and sustainable material

The dropper cap is made with 50% PCR PP material which can be recycled again. Available in 15-20ml with more standard sizes available upon request.

This dropper is safe for use for dispensing a variety of products, including essential oils and beauty serums.

Contact Rayuen today to see what other sustainable packaging solutions are available for your beauty and personal care products. 

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