Rayuen releases two new thick walled PET cosmetic jars

Cosmetic jars with thick walls give a feeling of luxury to beauty packaging. With Rayuen's release of two new thick walled PET cosmetic jars, that feeling is easier than ever to achieve.

Rayeun has just released the Thick Wall PET Cosmetic Jar and the Thick Wall Eco-Friendly Cosmetic Jar. Both jars feature an ABS plastic lid, a PET jar, and a PP plastic disc.

Instead of using heavy glass for the thick walls and heavy feeling, plastic PET is used for the jar. The plastic is transparent like glass, but its light weight reduces the carbon emission during transportation, reducing the carbon footprint of your brand’s product line. PET is also a widely recycled plastic, which encourages consumers to recycle the empty bottle and help keep the circular economy going.

These Thick Wall Jars are popular packaging solutions for beauty and skin care products like creams, lotions, scrubs, hair masks, gels, and more. Capacities are available in a wide range, from 15ml to 200ml.

Rayuen’s versatile Thick Wall Jars are available for wholesale. Decorate them however you wish, with options including custom molded color, frosting, color painting, metalization, printing, and foil hot-stamping.

Contact Rayuen today to find out more.

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