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Rayuen Packaging has the solution for personal care and beauty brands looking for a luxury pack. The company is releasing new thick-walled bottles and jars that give products a feeling of indulgence during their skin care routine.

The new Luxury 30ml Thick Wall Glass Cosmetic Bottle is made with flint glass and features a PP pump and SAN plastic overcap. This simple and classic design has a heavy weight due to the thick wall and bottom. The wide body and high transparency look sleek and modern, especially when finished with Rayuen’s various decoration options. Choose between custom coloring, printing, hot stamping, and more.

The Cylinder Thick Wall Glass Cosmetic Bottle features the same expensive-feeling thick flint glass walls and bottom and brands have the same large range of decoration options. It is available in a variety of volumes, 100ml, 120ml, and 150ml. It can be matched with a screw-on bottle cap, treatment pump, or a fine mist spray.

These luxurious thick walled bottles are popular packaging containers for skincare products, personal care, essence, fragrance, toner, serums, cosmetics, essence, hair oil, sprays, and more.

The Luxury Glass Cosmetic Jar with Lid for Face Cream is made with the same sleek transparent flint glass and is finished with a PP Plastic cap and disc. Choose between 30ml or 50ml volumes. The thick walls and bottom tell consumers that this is a high-quality product.

Use the Glass Cosmetic Jar for face creams, eye creams, ointments, cosmetics, and more.

Contact Rayuen Packaging today to discover how they can elevate your skin care brand.

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