Rayuen is Ready for the Increase of Wooden Packaging in the Beauty Industry

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In recent years, the global awareness of environmental protection has exploded. The beauty industry has responded to this increased ecological interest with clean skincare products that place an emphasis on natural and organic formulas.

Alongside this trend, the need for wooden sustainable packaging has gained momentum. Wooden packaging represents nature, forests, and eco-friendly concepts.

Wooden packaging – A Green & Eco-friendly Cosmetic Packaging Solution

Green packaging is an important part of the modern beauty industry. Developed countries have successfully implemented a number of laws and regulations related to packaging sustainability. It is easy for brands to successfully follow these regulations with an experienced packaging supplier like Rayuen.

Now sustainable cosmetic packaging solutions are widely used in the beauty field, including primary cosmetic packaging that is recyclable, made from recycled materials, and biodegradable, as well as refillable cosmetic containers.

Benefits Of Using Wooden Packaging For Beauty Products

In addition to giving beauty products a look that is both unique and elegant, there are even more benefits to using wooden packaging in your beauty lines.

  1. The recyclable and renewable properties of wooden packaging reduces carbon emissions. Some beauty products can be packaged within 100% wood, while others can be packaged in combination wood and glass, plastic, or metal packs. Even with just one component changed to wood, we can reduce the use of plastic in our daily life.
  2. Wooden product packaging is relatively light and rigid and the packaging containers and closures are convenient for transportation.
  3. There are multiple wooden materials that can be used as primary and secondary packaging containers and closures for beauty, such as beechwood, ashwood, walnut, rubberwood, etc. Wood can be cut and customized into any shape you like, and lacquered with color and finished. It can also be printed or laser engraved with a logo and pattern for your branding.

Types Of Wooden Packaging For Cosmetic & Skincare Products

Wood packaging components are widely used in a wide range of markets, including food & beverage, home decoration, fragrance, cosmetics, skincare, and personal care.

Some of the most popular types of wooden packaging for cosmetics & skincare are:

  • Wooden caps for glass perfume bottles and diffuser bottles
  • Wooden dropper caps for dispensing beauty oils and serums
  • Dispensing pumps and sprays with wooden collar
  • Wooden caps for jars and bottles

Rayuen's Threaded Wooden Bottle Cap

In order to reduce the use of plastic, Rayuen developed a new wooden bottle cap, the Threaded Wooden Bottle Cap, that 100% wood, with zero plastic used.

Looking for wooden packaging, interested in custom wooden packaging for a brand, or you just want to talk about an idea? Rayuen is able to transform a simple idea into a unique packaging product for you. Contact the innovative team at Rayuen today.



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