Perfume Packaging - Custom Natural Wooden Cap & Glass Fragrance Bottle

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For most people, it is very important and necessary to wear some perfume in daily life, you feel good when you smell good. In recent years, neutral fragrances have become very popular, most of them are woody fragrances which are wood-based fragrances, that bring people a warm, calm, and connotative feel. 

If you are going to choose or custom wooden perfume cap for a glass bottle, especially for woody fragrances, There is no doubt that wooden closure and woody fragrances are the best match, we highly recommend picking the natural wooden caps with your well-designed style and color.

The wood materials we mainly used to produce perfume caps are beechwood, ashwood, rubberwood, walnut wood, etc, which can be with customized painting colors in glossy and matte finish. Moreover, it would be better to have your brand logo laser engraved on the top of the lid or around it.

By applying advanced production equipment and innovative technology, wooden perfume caps can be made into any design you want, If you have the idea to customize unique wooden closures, whether perfume cap, fragrance and candle cover, or wooden cap for wine, please contact Rayuen Packaging to make it happen.


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