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    SANWA launches the PCR and BIO lines

    • Sanwa

    POST CONSUMER RECYCLED materials for the cosmetic packaging industry. Newly available for your packaging!

    PCR PE for Bottles
    Derivate from Post-Consumer Recycled waste, this resins are blow in our main bottles lines and can be produced up to 100% of PCR or mixed in a two layer with inner PCR and outside regular material or TPE (soft touch).

    PCR PET for Bottles
    Clear 100% PCR PET is available under our PET lines.

    BIO LINE GREEN PE for Bottles
    Derivate also from sugar cane this bio-based material in PE is blown in our main bottles lines with a bio-based compound, with a minimum of 96% of bio based carbon content*

    *SGF4950 for bottles
    *Verified According to ASTM D6866

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