Laminate tubes for toothpaste

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SanYing's laminate tubes are ideal for toothpaste products. Offered in a variety of diameters ranging from 12.7mm up to 50mm, laminate tubes offer plenty of flexibility for tube capacity.

While flexoprinting tends to be the popular choice, laminate tubes can also be decorated with silkscreen, gravure and cold stamp print techniques to create a variety of different looks and patterns with high accuracy, even with complicated patterns.

SanYing manufactures both ABL (aluminum barrier laminate) and PBL (plastic barrier laminate) tubes and can customize the laminate structure to meet the customer's requirements. 

"Selecting the appropriate type of material for the tube is important. There are newly developed laminate structures on the market that include different types of plastics in various combinations in order to achieve product compatibility and the required properties for product applications."

SanYing is highly experienced in the production of tubes for toothpaste products and currently supplies over 40% of the market in China, in addition to exports.

Discuss your laminate tube requirements directly with SanYing Packaging in order to create the perfect tube pack for your next toothpaste product.

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