Keep Your Food Fresh With SanYing's PBL Tubes

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SanYing offers a wide range of tubes for a diverse number of industries. Among them, the D50 PBL tube is a standout solution for the food market. This all-plastic laminated tube was developed with a high barrier outer layer, making it the ideal pack for food-grade products such as condensed milk, syrup, honey, and other high-viscosity fluids.

The PBL tube's 5 layers of film ensure the product within remains fresh for long periods of time, a key selling point when it comes to big brands looking for solutions that will allow their product to rest on a shelf for several months without compromising texture, quality or taste.

The tube comes with silica gel valves, clean and user-friendly dispensing mechanisms that elevate the pack as a whole. Its resealability allows for convenient storage and easy opening, which prevents and reduces food deterioration, thereby saving energy, costs, and protecting consumers' health.

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