SanYing's Pharma Tubes Are Safe on Every Level

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Sanying Packaging is a professional manufacturer specializing in high-quality plastic laminated tubes. The company's products are used for dental care, cosmetics, food, and the pharmaceutical industry. For the latter, SanYing has developed a wide variety of designs, with diameters ranging from 12.7mm to 60mm, and tube lengths from 45mm to 220mm. The company's various round tubes, oval tubes, and super oval tubes match its hundreds of caps to meet different requests from every individual client.

All-Around Safe Solutions

SanYing is proud of having set up a safe, green, and environmentally friendly product structure and production system. The company owns over 100 sets of various production equipment that are set up in accordance with GMP standards. It has built a 100,000-grade purification plant that houses printing, laminating, slitting, pouch-making, and tube-making. This advanced production and testing equipment has allowed SanYing to develop ultra-clean platforms for bacteria inspection, contamination screeners, and automatic solidification rooms. An intricate web of processes that ensures all pharmaceutical products are printed with benzene and butanone-free ink to guarantee product quality and safety.

These tubes are most commonly used for ointment, including beriberi creams, burn creams, hemorrhoid creams, eye ointments, chilblain creams, and anti-inflammatory creams. But that's not all, SanYing's commitment to the environment has led the company to produce less waste, reduce transportation and lessen its tubes' thickness, which translates into a saving cost of between 3 and 15%.

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